Pay Day Loan

Pay Day Loan

The role of seasonality in lettuce consumption: A case study of environmental and social aspects. Read Abstract: Gamage, GB. Life Cycle Assessment of Commercial Furniture: A Case Study of Formway LIFE Chair.

Decision support methodology for complex contexts. Proceedings of the Institution payday advance Civil Engineers: Engineering Sustainability. Read Abstract: Edwards-Jones, G. Testing the assertion that 'local food is best': the challenges of an evidence-based approach. Trends in Food Science and Technology. Read Online: Payday advance Abstract: Sim, S.

The relative importance of transport in determining an appropriate sustainability strategy for food sourcing. A case study of fresh produce supply chains. Read Abstract: Sinclair, P. A case study in participatory environmental systems assessment with the use of multimedia materials and quantitative LCA. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management. Read Abstract: Canals, LM. Comparing domestic versus imported apples: A focus on energy use.

Environmental Science and Pollution Research. Read Abstract: Elghali, L. Support for sustainable development policy decisions: A case study from highway maintenance. Evaluation of the environmental impacts of apple production using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): Case study in New Zealand.

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. Read Abstract: Book McLaren, SJ. Eating within planetary boundaries. Can New Zealand feed the world sustainably?. Introduction to Environmental Life Cycle Assessment.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of food production and processing: An introduction. In Environmental Assessment and Management in the Food Industry: Life Cycle Assessment and Related Approaches.

In Tools, Techniques and Approaches for Sustainability: Collected Writings in Environmental Assessment Policy and Management. Food Miles: Fact or Fiction?. The Capacity for Sustainable Development. Read Abstract: Fitt, H. An Introduction To Sustainable Consumption. Read Abstract: McLaren, J. Read Abstract: Report Mithraratne, N. Carbon footprinting for the apple supply chain: Project summary. Addressing Limitations In Current New Product Development Eco-Tools: a Case Study of Domestic Hot Water Products.

Contributed to by: Shekar, A. Read Abstract: Palairet, N. Driving a life cycle based environmental improvement strategy in council leisure centres. Student Symposium on Life Cycle Management and Industrial Ecology Symposium Proceedings. Read Abstract: McLaren, SJ. Read Abstract: Cleland, DJ. Carbon and cash advance water footprints - facts, myths and reality. Presented at 12th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF12).

Presented at "Water Footprinting: Methods, Principles and Guidelines".

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